Luís Vale Cunha

Advisor to the CEO

Working At



Advisor to the CEO of EDP Distribuição and Chairman of EDSO for Smart Grids, Luís Vale da Cunha has been working for the last years on the energy sector transformation process and on the role DSOs will need to play in order to lead the way forward. Over and above energy policies, smart grids, and the digitalisation of the distribution system, he has been focusing on the strategic discussion, design and implementation of a successful transition process. He is also taking part in several initiatives at European level on behalf of EDP Distribuição (EDPD) and DSOs across Europe. Previously, he served in various capacities within EDPD, ranging from technical to senior management positions in areas such as network control and automation, system operation, metering and data management, among others. He is one of the founders of the InovGrid initiative, a pioneer, innovative and reference implementation programme that has been successfully addressing the technological, societal and economic value of the Smarter Grids. He graduated from the University of Oporto in 1995, where he studied Electrical Engineer. He holds a Master degree in Information Management and a post-graduation in Business Administration.
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