Frédéric Gastaldo

Co Founder & CEO


Frederic Gastaldo began his professional career in 1986 at UGINE ACG, a French-US stainless steel manufacturer, before moving to the Boston Consulting Group Paris Office. He later joined his client Cegetel Entreprises (Vivendi) in France as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In 1998 he joined the Louis Dreyfus Group to become CEO and co-founder of Louis Dreyfus Communications. The company renamed into Neuf Telecom became the largest french fixed telecommunications rival to France Télécom. In 2003 Frédéric Gastaldo joined Swisscom to found Swisscom Hospitality Services an international specialty provider of internet services for hotels and conference centers. He has since then held various positions within the Swisscom Group, among others member of Swisscom Switzerland Executive Board, in charge of Strategy and Innovation or Chairman of the Board of local.ch. He is currently CEO of Swisscom Energy Solutions AG and responsible for the Connected Living Unit of Swisscom. Frédéric Gastaldo has studied at  the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and Ecole Supérieure des Mines de Paris.
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