Eric L Helguen

President, Ready to Grids Committee, Smart Building Alliance & CEO


Since 2011, Eric L’Helguen is CEO of EMBIX, a company that aims at providing local authorities with Smart Grids and Smart City services. EMBIX particularly works with urban planners and developers to design and build Eco-districts Smart Grids Ready. Eric is also leading a task force called Ready To Grids at the Smart Building Alliance. This task force aims to create a Ready To Grid certification for buildings and eco-districts. Leading expert in the Smart Grids and Smart City fields, Eric led various Smart Grids projects in France. He often takes part in public debates and conferences on Smart Grids technology, regulation and evolving business models. He also takes part in discussions on the Energy Transition regarding self-consumption especially. With over 25 years of experience, Eric took several management positions in the areas of energy management of electrical networks, deregulation of the electricity market and in the Smart Grids field. He was involved in the development of large and innovative Smart Grids projects (RTE, ONS, ESKOM, ).
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