Utility & City Hubs of Tomorrow

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 14:30 to 14:50
Summit sessions - Sustainable & Smart City - From Smart Cities to Digital Urban Platforms

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Both, utilities and cities face competition in a growing extent and mayor challenges like climate change, “Energiewende”, urbanization or rising prices for social welfare.

They have to adopt their strategies and actions in order to fulfil the needs of their customers and their inhabitants. A new framework and a new culture is needed.

Is it the will to cooperate, to open the (past) secrets of business successes for partners fearlessly? Yes! ...referring to the success of the Joint Venture “ASCR” between Siemens und Wiener Stadtwerke.

Cooperation is the key!

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  • What is the right framework /Spirit for a successful cooperation and City Hub of Tomorrow?
  • What is the strategic advantage of a cooperation between a publicly owned utility and a technology provider?Who else should pe part of the City Hub of tomorrow
  • Most interesting results of the cooperation so far – outlook for the the next steps
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