Panel: Adaptability to New Market Challenges

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 11:45 to 13:00
Hub sessions - Special Focus - Smart Grid International Forum

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Theatre Smart Gas


Industry leaders are most concerned about commodity prices, the ongoing effects of economic slowdown and continued climate framework uncertainty, while issues of new market design and electric storage are rapidly gaining prominence. How is the business of the utility developing when facing resilience issues such as the energy-water nexus and cyber threats? Panellists: representative of MedTSO in Italy to be announced

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James Colbert
Director - Strategy & Market Development
Bill Bennett
Director Distribution Operations
Angelo Ferrante
Secretary General, Med-TSO & Senior Manager International Affairs, Terna
Bert den Ouden
General Director



Discussion themes:

  • Overview and Trends in different regions of the world
  • What are the obstacles to the ability to finance the transition to a more sustainable energy system
  • How to increase agility of the business through Smart Innovation?
  • What similarities or differences do we see when comparing players at the antipodes of the globe?

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