Panel 2: A Data Economy

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 15:00 to 15:45
Summit sessions - Sustainable & Smart City - Roadmap for the Utilities within Smart Cities

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City Communication and Data Systems. Growing Impacts of Information. Information from social media, crowdsourcing and sharing economy companies will have a greater impact on cities. Cities are grappling with how to ingest this data into systems and put it to use. Not only is this data unstructured in the form of text, video, images and audio, but it also comes from a variety of sources that exist independent of government. This presents a challenge since data from these sources can be highly relevant and useful for improving government services. On the other side, how can the city leverage the value of data it already owns and how to re-aggregate and broker some of those innovative services to offer insights to commuters for journey planning?

“Unlocking the power of data: smart cities tapping into data to improve people's daily lives”. Patrick Lammers - Other Panellists to be announced

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"Increasingly data is viewed by cities as a strategic asset that can be used to generate growth and improvements in citizen services and outcomes. However, cities are just starting to get to grips with the complexities of managing data and struggle to turn data into information that can drive timely, relevant and actionable insights. Realising this, cities are looking to engage with a diverse ecosystem of enterprises from utilities and transport operators through to start ups, academia, and traditional technology companies. This EUW17 conversation is a unique opportunity to bring those stakeholders around the table and discuss practical business model ideas to realize the benefits of the data economy for smart cities” Chris Pennell, Research Director, IDC Government Insights -Europe"


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