Ping-Pong Exchange 3: Energy vs Flexibility vs Availability

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 11:30 to 12:10
Summit sessions - Retail - New Games - New Rules

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Elicium 1

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Julian Bouchard
Head of Economical Analyses
Kevin Hayward
Director Sales & Sourcing


Frauke Thies
Executive Director


Energy and Flexibility are the Key Component of the Energy System: 

Flexibility is the Key Factor for the Transition of our Energy System

1. The role and value of flexibility in our energy systems

2. Optimized dispatch of decentralized supply, demand and storage resources via virtual power plant

3. Which European framework do we need?


The Value of Reliable Capacity:

Appropriate market designs to foster system flexibility and security

1. Energy systems will gradually become more climate-sensitive emphasizing the need for reliable capacity

2. Dynamic pricing is important but not sufficient

3. Dynamic pricing is important but will not Availability-based mechanisms will gradually become more relevant and might prove essential in accessing flexibility potentials

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