Mega Trends Impacting the US Utility Sector

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 14:00 to 14:30
Hub sessions - Partner Country in Focus - Partner Country in Focus: USA

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Steven Propper
Director, Consulting & Content Strategy


  • Megatheme: Distributed energy has caused a step change in how utilities think about and run their businesses
  • Top 3 megatrends that are driving change and will materially impact the future architecture of the US electricity grid

"The US utility landscape has begun to feel the transformational effects of increasing DERs. Solar coupled with the growth of energy storage and continued deployment of wind are only beginning to change the national power landscape. However, in pockets such as in Hawaii, California, Texas, and the Midwest these resources are disrupting practices at all levels of the power grid. Wholesale markets are restructuring to prepare to incorporate DERs and adjust to utility-scale renewables in daily operations, while distribution utilities are working to develop visibility and integration practices to manage DER throughout their lifecycle. The European utility market is facing massive changes as additional renewable and intertie capacity within and between national electricity markets. As returns at the wholesale level become increasingly uncertain, utilities have refocused investment and resources toward energy services for end-customers. In both geographies, utilities face changing wholesale markets. In the US, investment in the distribution grid is accompanying the increase in DERs. In both Europe and the US, utilities are working to develop new offerings to address customer needs with new technologies and business models."

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