Yousef Pipelzadeh

Business Development Manager U.K


Yousef Pipelzadeh, Ph.D, is the Business Development Manager of the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre in the U.K., a division of Manitoba Hydro International. He is also an adjunct Research Fellow in Power Systems at Imperial College London. In 2008, he began his PhD in Power Systems at Imperial College, successfully publishing over 10 top-tier papers. In 2012, he continued on as Research Associate and was lead Principle Investigator on several consultancy projects. In 2015, he joined MHRC where he is responsible for business development of MHRC’s products and services across U.K/Europe. He is recognized and nominated by the British Standard Institute as a U.K. Principle Expert, and is an active member on the European Commission developing the guidelines and standards on HVDC Grid.
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