Liao Yu



Yu Liao, CTO of Tellhow Sci-Tech Co.,Ltd., Chairman of GaoEnergy, joint ventured with Tencent and Founder of the Chinese Association for Renewable Energy in Germany (abbr. CEED). Before 2014 Mr. Liao predicted the outbreak of energy internet and power sector reform in China, he had worked at Smart Grid Division of Siemens AG in Germany and Suzhou Branch of State Grid Corporation of China and therefore he had collected a combination of experiences in power industry both in Chinese and Germany. He got his Master in Power Engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in 2005 and now has extended his expertise in various areas such as renewable energy data analysis and visualization, energy trading and supervision system as well as business model development of Energy Internet.. He is a prominent columnist in China who has published dozens of reviews in energy magazines like ‘Energy’, ‘Sina Finance’ and ‘Shanghai Business Network’, after 2016 Liao returned with his oversea Team back to china and he entered into the business of energy internet, he has become a pioneer in the field of low carbon economy and also energy internet evolution.
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