Xavier Cipriano

Senior Researcher - Group Leader


Research in energy efficiency concepts and solar energy systems in buildings and urban districts. Background in design, simulation, evaluation and implementation of energy saving measures in urban contexts. Group leader in BEE Group. Participating, within the last ten years, in 20 research European projects and in 12 research and consultancy National projects. One of the founders , and member of the board of directors of the energy service company INERGY (www.inergybcn.com), promoted by CIMNE and RSM Gassó. He was technical director from 2004 to 2011. Responsible of the strategic research line “Smart urban environments” in BEE Group, with implementation in more than 400 municipalities in Catalonia, Basque Country, and Mediterranean Region. 16 publications in international scientific journals and congresses. Now is creating and promoting as CEO, a new spin off called Beedata annalytics SL (www.beegroup-cimne.com/beedata) with the participation of CIMNE, Mobile world capital and Kic Innoenergy.
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