Thomas Mikkelsen

Partner and Director of Consulting

Working At



Thomas is a world-leading expert in the field of customer engagement, communications and behavior in the utility sector. He has extensive experience from EU projects, counselling services for the utility industry and from being a marketing director in Denmark’s second largest utility for ten years. Thomas has also worked in well reputed business’s like Panasonic and Green Energy Options, developing strategies for their energy products and services. Thomas joined VaasaETT in 2014, where he led the EU fp7 project ADVANCED in the field of residential customer’s engagement. He holds an MA from the University of Roskilde in Denmark, based on a BA from the University of Tromsø and NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. Since then he has been working with clients all over the world and been engaged with a number of EU research projects, speaking at international conferences and chairing sessions and workshops. He graduated in 1999 and has since then worked professionally in the field of energy with marketing, sales, communications and business development and served as board member and as expert in both the European Commission and in national organizations. In the past six years he has been heavily engaged in several European networks in the energy sector based on the communications and user involvement within the development of the smart grid, AMR and the introduction of Smart Home solutions He has extensive experience as a speaker, a panel member and a chairman of both Danish and international conferences. Thomas has vast experience in the energy business from previously working as a Marketing Director for the second largest utility, SEAS-NVE, in Denmark for ten years. He has been a senior manager developing eco strategies for Panasonic Europe and VP in Green Energy Options, a leading Smart Home equipment manufacturer from Cambridge in the UK.
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