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Sunggyoo Geo


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Geo-Line Co


<p>Sunggyoo Geo is the founder of Geo-Line. He is the automotive researcher for 3 quarter of lifespan. He is 15 year-old supporter of Greentransport. It is very natural to focus on electric vehicle. He studied over 10 years to solve EV Charging infrastructures. He found the real problem: “EV charging is actually payment issue”. Solution: Geo-Line can save earth and us.<br /> - Books:<br /> 1) 2025 The Future of Electric Vehicle | Geo-Line and Renewable Energy<br /> 2) Current EV market analysis and EV Policy Proposal (Requested by National Assembly)<br /> - Special Feature:<br /> UN COP21 invitational exhibitor by French Patent Office (The only invitee in EV industry)</p>
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