Piero Fraternali



Full professor and Deputy Director at DEIB. His main research interests concern methodologies and tools for WEB/SOA application development, and Multimedia Information Retrieval. He is author of several articles on International Journals and Conference Proceedings, and a number of books. He is co-author of OMG’s IFML (http://www.omg.org/spec/IFML/) and co-founder of WebRatio (http://www.webratio.com), a start-up focused on the commercialization of a tool suite for the Model-Driven Development of Web/mobile cloud-powered applications. Coordinator of the H2020 Project enCOMPASS (http://www.encompass-project.eu/) and Scientific Director of the SmartH20 FP7 Project (http://www.smarth2o-fp7.eu/).
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