Philip Westbroek

DSO Security Officer

Working At



<p>Philip Westbroek works for Enexis, a major Dutch grid operator with 2.7 million customers. He is a telecommunications and cybersecurity enthusiast with 20 years experience in these fields. During the past 10 years he was responsible for the design and realisation of a number of smart grid projects. Among these projects were a cryptoserver solution for smart meters and the Enexis Private MVNO solution. This award-winning mobile M2M datacommunications solution enables Enexis to switch from one mobile operator to another without swapping the SIMs Enexis use in their RTUs, smart meters and other M2M equipment.<br /> Philip has been actively involved in Dutch smart metering standardisation activities and the execution of several strategic Enexis tenders. Before joining Enexis in 2006, Philip worked for Ericsson Telecommunications as a solution architect. At Ericsson he gained a solid background in system integration and telecommunication technology and processes. </p>
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