Peter Bjørn Larsen



Peter is the former director for the City Data Exchange in Copenhagen. Peter is currently advising the Danish Government on how to focus their smart city work in their goal to become the leading Smart City Nation. He has also worked with other Governments, the European Commission and a long range of cities, including Berlin, London, Seattle, Helsinki, Zagreb, Beijing, New York, Copenhagen and Edinburgh. Peter has 14 years’ experience with economic and polity development at EU, national, regional and city level and has been working with the smart city concept for more than 8 years. He is a regular speaker at major conference and events around the world, including Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress, Big Data Week in London, Smart to Future Cities in London, New York Times Cities of Tomorrow, Austin Smart Cities Innovation Summit, C40 Mayors Congress in Mexico and the EU-China Smart City Collaboration Summit in Beijing. Peter has also worked with policy development for the EU Commission in the period from 2006 to 2012 and he is still involved in policy development workshops at EU and national level in Denmark, Germany and the UK
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