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Nelson Fonseca Leite is electrical engineer graduated from Engineering School of the Federal University of Minas Gerais in the Southeast region of Brazil and holds an MBA in business management from IBMEC and at FGV, in addition to Electric Power Management by JICA, Japan. Started his career as an engineer in Angra dos Reis Nuclear power plant of Furnas, and later worked for 26 years in CEMIG occupying various positions of Manager and Superintendent. He was President of the Intergerencial Association of CEMIG, Director of the Society of Engineers of Minas Gerais, national coordinator of distribution and commercialization of CIER, a member of the Board of Directors of the Brazilian Committee of CIER, Director of regulatory affairs and special projects, and later chief operating officer of 6 power utilities of Eletrobr√°s. Since November 2010 holds the position of CEO of the Brazilian Association of Power Utilities (ABRADEE). Since 2012 serves as professor at FGV MBA course. Since June/2015 is also the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the EPE.
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