Michel Hendricks

Managing Partner - e3 Partners & Fund Director


Michel has 24 years of private equity/venture capital, corporate and project finance and entrepreneurial experience and has been successfully establishing, assisting, financing and managing growth stage and small and medium sized companies during this period. Michel is managing partner of E3 Partners and actively involved in the management of Frysian Sustainable Energy Fund (FSFE), which has a committed capital of €90 million and provides finance to small and medium sized infrastructure projects in the Province of Frysia, located in the north of the Netherlands. To date more than €40 million in transactions has been approved in solar, wind, biomass, energy saving and electric mobility. He also assists in reviewing and advising on the (potential) transactions of Amsterdam Climate Fund (AKEF), which has a committed capital of €45M. Michel has been a founder of e2 Cleantech1, a fund investing in early-stage companies active in clean technologies with a focus on energy generation and efficiency. The fund has invested in among others sapphire substrates; tidal power turbines; geothermic systems; light electric vehicles; power optimizers; and a photovoltaic systems installer. From 2002 till 2014, he has been part-time chief financial officer and coporate finance director of the Innax Group, the largest Dutch independent energy services provider. He has been responsible for the buy-and- build strategy of the company, which contributed to Innax Group’s growth in revenues from € 2 million in 2002 to well over € 40 million in 2009, including the Group’s expansion into Germany and France. Until 2007, Michel was member of the investment committee of Eagle Venture Partners, which managed $ 100 million of investments in early stage and growth opportunities in primarily Russia. In 1997, Michel was the co-founder of and investor in Rabo Black Earth Fund, a predecessor of Eagle Venture Partners. In 1995 he bought-out EWIC, an advisory subsidiary of ING Bank focused on emerging markets in Eastern-Europe. He tripled EWIC in size by 1998 prior to switching his focus to fund management. Before he worked with ING Bank and Friesland Foods (Hong Kong). Michel has degrees in business administration and macro-economics of the Groningen University, The Netherlands. Michel will act as a non-executive director of e3 Green Metropole Fund BV.
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