Massimo Bertoncini

Senior R&D Programs & Innovation Manager

Working At

ELSA Project


More than 12 years of experience in management of research and technology based innovation. He acquired consolidated know how in managing research and innovation and in its implementation at company level, with a special emphasis on the smart energy/smart grids enablng technologies. He managed large international teams by conducting large European R&D and Innovation projects. Main ICT competences includes Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Sensing and real Time processing, Real Time Control for Smaert Energy SystemsMulti-criteria decision making, Multimedia, Human Computer Interaction, and Knowledge Based Systems. In the last years he focused on Digital Media and Convergence scenario, including different fields as Major Specialties are Sustainability and Business Plan for R&D Smart Energy/Smart Grid Initiatives, Experienced in Innovation & Technology Transfer, Project Managerr and Opportunities Scouting. Also Interested in "Supported" Finance, Strategy Analysis & Exploitation and Business Plans with special emphasis on SSmart Energy Systems (Smart Grids, Multi-carrier Energy Storage) R&D Long and Medium Term Vision Analysis, Scouting and creating European credible consortia, Strong relationships with European Commission Personnel,
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