Martin Wagner

Managing Director


Martin Wagner is managing director of VERBUND Solution GmbH, a subsidiary of VERBUND AG focussing on development, implementation and sales of new and innovative products and services. Martin’s responsibilities range from smart home and e-mobility solutions to eco home products like PV and power to heat systems as well as local battery storage solutions for household customers. For business clients, demand response programs, energy consulting and contracting services are up and running successfully. Before, Martin was head of a department for business and project development, which also handled the introduction of new products; the main area of his work was electric mobility, energy management and private photovoltaic production. From 2001-2005 Martin was head of sales for the young energy sales company “My Electric” in Salzburg. In 2000, he started his career with VERBUND in marketing and product management. Martin studied Law at the University of Vienna and Business Administration at the University of Economics in Vienna
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