Marko Kruithof


Working At

Dutch Power


Marko Kruithof is a Senior Manager at the Dutch energy grid operator Stedin. He has been an energy distribution professional for more than 25 years. He started his career in operation and field work and moved on to be responsible for Asset management and the Grid coordination business unit. The last 7 years he has worked 24/7 to maintain the high level of continuity and safety of the energy distribution for more than two million customers in the most urban part of the Netherlands. He has made major leaps in customer satisfaction, involvement and organization transparency. Nowadays he is leading Stedin through the Energy transition as Manager Sustainability & Renewal. Marko is creating several sustainable live labs as “car as a power plant”, storage, demand/response and Power2Gas and has received his first international awards. Marko is also connected at the university of Delft as fellow. His chair and focus is “decentralize sustainable energy systems” in the role of principal investigator. Marko is the chair of the Dutch Power foundation where more than 50 companies in the energy world in the Netherlands are united.
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