Luca Ortolano

Project Manager

Working At



Mr. Ortolano is responsible of the monitoring and testing activities of the Network Code Connection Criteria (frequency range, voltage range, etc.) and Ancillary Services (FCR, FRR, Voltage Regulation, etc.) of Power Plants connected to the HV grid; active maintenance and development of the Italian Network Code related to Technical Connection Requirements and testing procedures,  Technical Ancillary Services Requirements and testing procedures; co-author of the Battery Storage Technical Specification: Connection Requirements, Ancillary Service Requirements and Testing of the Terna’s Battery Storage project; co-author of the Synchronous Generators Technical Specification: Connection Requirements, Operational Requirements and Testing of the 3 new Terna’s Synchronous Generator; Technical Support in the process of Connection and Request of Derogation of new power plant or upgrade of existing ones; responsible of the technical Specification, Operation and Development of the project of Hierarchical Voltage Regulation: HV, MV coordinated voltage regulation; technical responsible for the monitoring and testing of the Unit Connected to the Terna’s SPS of the Defence Plan;
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