Laura Daniele


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Dr. Laura Daniele is a scientist in the area of ontology engineering and semantic technologies. She graduated in Electronic Engineering from the University of Cagliari (Italy) and obtained her PhD from the University of Twente (Netherlands). Since 2011 she works at TNO, where she leads the research activities on semantic interoperability. Her interest is to provide data integration solutions to enable semantic interoperability among various organizations that need to share data, but use different terminologies, standards and/or heterogeneous IT systems. Her research focuses on the application of semantic technologies, especially in the Internet of Things. Laura has developed a number of ontologies to enable semantic interoperability in several domains and is the creator of the SAREF ontology for the European Commission, standardized by ETSI. Laura serves as expert in ETSI SmartM2M and represents TNO in the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) WG03 on IoT standardization. She is active in various European research projects and has authored many international publications. Laura also serves as Program Committee member for major conferences and journals in the Semantic Web area.
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