Koen Straver

Researcher Energy & Society

Working At



Providing and implementing scientific based practical knowledge for realizing the energy transition is the mission of ECN and Koen Straver. He holds a master in social psychology from the university of Amsterdam, and is e.g., part of the Eranet Smart Grid+ expert panel for the working group on consumer and citizen involvement. He works on national and international projects on public acceptance of energy technology. This ranges from finished studies in the Netherlands for public perception on CCS to current research in Kenya on public perception on several renewable energies. He worked for three years on smart grid engagement, e.g., finding best practices for engaging citizens for smart grid technology in European projects, like S3C (Smart Customer, Smart Consumer, Smart Citizen). He was also part of the ECN social science research team working on the user acceptance analysis for real time pricing trials at the Ecogrid project in Denmark, Bornholm. Currently he is also project leader of a Dutch project on energy poverty, and leads the national funded project of ‘The ethics of the energy transition; the winners and losers of the energy transition in 2035’.
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