Kieran Coughlan

Manager, Asset Management


Kieran leads asset management and new technologies at UK Power Networks Services, a company that provides energy technology consultancy, design and build, operation and maintenance and finance of major energy infrastructure in the UK. Previously, Kieran was Head of Engineering and Safety at the Energy Networks Association (ENA), where he had accountability for electricity network standards, policies, industry-wide strategy initiatives and distribution code governance. Kieran has also worked in strategy, investment, consultancy and engineering roles in Ireland, Australia, the Middle- East and Africa. Kieran is a Chartered Engineer and a member of Engineers Ireland and also is currently a member of the GB Future Power System Architecture Project Board, considering energy system requirements in GB to 2030 and beyond. Kieran’s key area of interest is in energy systems and strategy and the integration of sustainable client solutions including microgrids, storage, generation and electric vehicles. Kieran also has accountability for the commercial and operational management of the largest battery storage facility in GB.
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