Kees Mulder

Managing Director

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Roast 4 - Birds.ai

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Roast 1 - Lightyear


<p>Ascolo (www.ascolo.com) provides interim management and consultancy for growth of innovative services in smart energy and telecommunications</p> <p>Kees has developed go-to-market actions and lines of business leading to some €50 million revenues. In regulatory affairs he has assured market entry and presence for several companies.<br /> He has guided corporate re-organisations and is familiar with evolving business models and various types of partnerships.</p> <p>References, across Europe and the Middle East, include Orange, British Telecom, Maersk, Mobily and start-up companies like Datatrak, Smile Telecom and Viridom. </p> <p>Drs. Kees Mulder MBA has a degree in Political Sciences and an MBA from IMD</p>
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