Jessica Stromback


Working At

Joule Assets Europe


With over a decade of experience in the demand response and energy efficiency industries, Jessica Stromback has led the successful rollout of smart energy management programs across Europe with projects involving European utility and grid giants ERDF, Enel, Iberdrola, and RWE. She is currently focused on scaling energy reduction assets (ERA) markets across Europe and leads business development and operations for Joule Assets Europe. As the founder and Executive Director of the Smart Energy Demand Coalition (SEDC), a Brussels-based not-for-profit industry group representing demand side programs in Europe, Stromback was instrumental in developing legislation essential for enabling demand–side flexibility, which will pave the way for EU Demand Response program development. In her previous position as chairperson at VaasaETT, a global energy think tank, Stromback's leadership and expertise helped shape residential demand response (DR) and program design, commercial industrial DR, and market structure requirements.Stromback has also led consultancy and research projects for: ADEME, Schneider Electric, Microsoft, Nuon, EDF, Capgemini, RWE, Landis & Gyr, Panasonic, CREIPI of Japan, British Gas, Bord Gais, Union Fenosa, BC Hydro, TietoEnator, E-control, Israeli Electric and Onzo, among others.
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