Jan Peters

Vice President of Public Affairs

Working At



Mr Jan Peters studied physics at the Technical University of Eindhoven. After his study he was a development pioneer during eight years in Rwanda, Africa establishing a micro hydro power station and a distribution grid. He started his career in the Netherlands in constructing fossil fired power stations, and changed over after this experience to sustainable energy production. He participated strongly in the settlement of the first wind farms and of different industrial combined heat and power plants. During liberalisation he switched to the network business, introducing Technology Innovation and Risk based Asset Management. The Company successfully passed early 2006 both the ISO 9001 and PAS 55 certifications for the Asset Management Processes. Nowadays Asset Management is paying attention to expected long term developments in energy infrastructure, replacing traditional grids by future oriented grids, supporting the energy transition. Mr. Jan Peters is for the moment as Vice President of Public Affairs responsible for the engagement of the Enexis stakeholders in the necessary energy transition initiatives and activities. Principal stakeholders are provinces, cities, housing associations and energy coöperations. Mr. Jan Peters is in the Board of the Foundation E-Laad.nl for developing public smart charging points and in the Board of EDSO for Smart Grids (European DSO Association, see www.EDSOforsmartgrids.eu ).
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