Jan-Peter Doomernik

Sr Business Developer

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Jan-Peter Doomernik works as Senior Business Developer for the Dutch grid company, Enexis. As part of the department “Strategical Transitions” his work is aimed to ensure the right and access to energy for the people of the Netherlands in the world of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The department is all about uncovering room for innovation by asking the right questions and challenging paradigms. Topics on which he focusses are abundant systems and disruptive infrastructures that are caring and inclusive. The (main) building blocks for these new infrastructures are blockchain, artificial intelligence and autonomous assets. JP is a serial co-creator, always looking for partners who want to develop futures, roadmaps and tangible results that are beneficial for society and open source: - Together with Harm van de Brink (E-laad) he is a co-creating partner on Innogy’s share and charge solution that enables a worldwide contractless charging of EV, based on blockchain technology. This product, developed by dr. Carsten Stoecker and his team, launched in May 2017. - Together with and inspired by BigchainDB(Trent:), MX3D, buro Duinn, the legal departments of the universities of Eindhoven and Tilburg and he are discovering ways to create and build self-owned autonomous assets (AI-based distributed autonomous organisations). - Together with Harm van de Brink (E-laad) he is building an IOTA EV charging pole on the tangle JP started his PhD this year at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam at the department of science, business and innovation under the guidance of prof. dr. P.C. van der Sijde. Are you interested in co-creating, open source and beneficial for society? drop him a line!
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