Furong Li

Professor, Director, Centre for Sustainable Power Distribution Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Working At

University of Bath


Prof Furong Li is the Director of Centre for Sustainable Power Distribution at the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering. She is a Royal Society Wofson Merit Fellow (2013-2018).Her research is concerned with fundamental development of new algorithms, economic theories and analysis tools for the grid and community energy system, markets and business models. She works closely with colleagues from Finlan, Belgium, Spain, Indian, Korean and Chinese colleagues to research into network tariffs, distributed energy markets, innovative business models and their impacts to regional and national power systems. She has undertaken research and consultancies for the UK government, Ofgem, NPower, Centric, and all the UK’s 7 transmission and distribution licensees. She chairs the International Working Group for Distribution Pricing and Tariffs (USA), and is an executive member of the IET Power Trading and Control network (UK).
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