Francisca Kapar


Working At

OmniP Labs


As a former model and martial arts enthusiast, Francisca combines grace and firm determination in pursuing her goals in the Smart City ecosystem. As a Smart City system integrator, OmniP Labs BV applies technological innovation to create more sustainable, healthier and more efficient cities, integrating Building, Living & Health, Climate & Energy and Internet of Things. Our aim is not to predict the future but to create it, leaving a global impact city by city. Currently our company is developing the next generation high tech district 2050, an energy efficient residential area, using state of the art innovations, IoT monitored and contributing to the CO2, energy and water balance. This blueprint for the city of the future has partly been developed in collaboration with TNO, Wageningen University and TU Eindhoven and has been funded by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Municipality of Almere. OmniP Labs became finalists at the IBM Smart Camp competition and has been featured on Quote magazine, BNR Newsradio, Sprout and Emerce.
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