Bruno Flinois


Working At



Clem' is an innovative French company, offering shared “eco-mobility” services. In particular the company has developed a solution to enable electric vehicle sharing with integrated carpooling and the management and booking of charge points. Clem’ has become a major player in mobility for Smart City projects, and has worked with numerous towns and cities, large companies and shared housing landlords. Bruno Flinois is also involved in electromobility with AVERE (the national association for electric mobility in France) and is an expert advisor on the subject of electro-mobility for the European Commission. A graduate of the ESC Business School, Mr Flinois is an entrepreneur specialising in new technologies and the environment. Before founding Clem’, he started a web agency and was Managing Director of a subsidiary of a side group at the SBF 250. He has won numerous awards in the fields of new technologies and the environment.
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