Ari Pouttu

Professor at the University of Oulu and Project Leader

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Professor Ari Pouttu was born in Kokkola, Finland in 1966. He has scientific and engineering experience as a researcher, project manager and research manager in fields such as synchronization, interference suppression, coding, and modulation designs in spread spectrum and multicarrier systems. The projects under his command have resulted waveforms and system designs for military radio communication, radar systems, embedded device networks, future wireless radio communications including cellular systems, cognitive networks and navigation applications. He has also been involved with architecture design for Finnish Software Radio including adaptive antennas and related algorithms. He has published more than 50 conference or journal papers in the field of wireless communications and he holds two patents. He was the Director of Centre for Wireless Communications in the University of Oulu from 2006 to 2012. Currently he is heading as a professor a research group targeting dependable wireless solutions for critical infrastructures including solutions for 5G.
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