Young Talent Award

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 14:00 to 15:30
Initiate! Main Stage - Initiate! Awards - Initiate! Awards

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Initiate! Main Stage


In this session the top 5 nominees will defend their abstract in front of the judges on stage.

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Kathleen Gaffney
Managing Director


Young Talent Programme participants will be asked to write an abstract answering the below question:

"The road to a Clean-Economy: Given that innovative clean-power solutions are proliferating and changing the way we produce and use energy (for example: the roof of your house can now provide the fuel for your car), what other developments do you think will contribute to bending the curve of GHG emissions by 2020?”

The challenge is supported by Mission 2020.

The winner will be chosen by the panel of judges and announced after their pitch

Nominees are:

  • Ivan Andric
  • Yann Van Crombrugge
  • Diana Fernandes
  • Alex Kritikos
  • Rudolph Santarromana

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