Workshop: Ecosystem matters: Decentralised power in action in Europe

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 11:00 to 12:00
Initiate! Main Stage - Initiate! Manifesto - Decentralised Power

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Initiate! Main Stage


During this workshop we will focus on challenges such as the opportunities and business models arising from co-created decentralised eco-systems and how the future trends (e.g. IoT, batteries) will have an impact on these partnerships and business models. How will the grid manage the complexities of distributed power (e..g grid congestion, visibility of load)

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Zheng Ma
Associate Professor - Center for Energy Informatics
Pim Spierenburg
Vice President - Smart Markets EMEA


Over decades, traditional market players have worked to assure energy reliability and safety and to give widespread access to energy. Today, market dynamics such as the rise of prosumers, the increasing integration of renewables and, community energy initiatives have the potential to change the game.  More extreme points of view might put forward that distributed power will see an entirely new generation of players. While that is a possibility, given consumer priorities—cost, reliability, and sustainability—it is more likely that successful use of distributed power occurs where ecosystems of actors with the same objectives and vision are able to mobilize and take action as a team, regardless of their origins or maturity. One such example is Rotterdam, where the city is working with Stedin, the DSO and Lyv Smart Living, a new, independent aggregator to implement a distributed power solution that will enable them to more flexibly manage energy demand and generation across the Merwe-Vierhavens area, helping it achieve its aim of being a completely energy neutral city by 2050.    

One existing business ecosystem for each scenario (each challenge) prepared as a big poster

Out of the participants 3 groups will be formed that will each touch upon one of the 3 challenges.

Each team will discuss by drawing and writing on the poster:

·       How the challenges influences the current business ecosystem (from different aspects)

·       What might be changed in the business ecosystem due to the challenges

·       What are the potential solutions

The discussion results for each challenge will be shared in the wrap up of the Decentralised Power Session

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