Workshop A Transition to Free Energy

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 11:15 to 12:00
Initiate! Main Stage - Initiate! Manifesto - A Free Energy System

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Initiate! Main Stage


The perspective of free energy is exciting, but can also be worrisome. What will change for whom?

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Ties van der Heijden
External Relations Commissioner
Virginia Dignum
Associate Professor Social Artificial Intelligence


A transition to free energy will definitely change the way we live. However there are quite some milestones to reach before it is the case. This workshop we will discuss what is needed to achieve free energy for everybody.

This workshop will be in the form of a round table discussion, and combined with a value-based decision making tool. We will discuss what kind of things a transition to free energy might bring, and for what parties.

We will have 5 statements on how to accomplish free energy. The tool will allow us to see the underlying principles that create an opinion on the topic. The following statements will be discussed:

To accomplish free energy, we need…

  • to connect local resources.
  • a hydrogen economy.
  • an international/global energy network.
  • to leave it to the market.
  • to forget it!!! (it won’t happen)

The goal of the workshop is to think about the energy transition in a new way. And to create a clearer view for everybody about what is necessary to achieve a (near) future with free energy.

The workshop will be led by representatives of TU Delft Energy Club, Dr. M.V. Dignum (TU Delft) and M. Bouillon.

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