USEF’s Aggregator Workstream

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 14:50 to 15:10
Hub sessions - Energy Revolution Europe - To Centralize or Decentralize, that is the Question

Stream location

Theatre ERE


After releasing the Universal Smart Energy Framework, USEF started an international cross-functional workstream on aggregator implementation models. The publication was based on our analysis of aggregator implementation models for Demand Response for Commercial and Industrial Prosumers, and has received wide acclaim. USEF’s Aggregator Workstream will present final results, highlighting the relevant differences between the Commerce & Industrial Prosumer and the Residential Prosumer. Aspects of this customer segment differ from C&I Prosumers in terms of the amount of flexibility per asset and thus in the number of Prosumers needed to reach minimum flex product sizes. Also, the type of flexibility is mainly load-shift (EV, heat pump) with low marginal costs of activation. And last but not least: the residential market is more regulated. The consequences for effective market entry for aggregators will be the topic for this HUB session.

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Marten van der Laan
Senior Project Manager
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