Achieving quality and speed with utility analytics

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 15:10 to 15:30
Summit sessions - Digitalisation - Creating New Businesses & Optimizing Exisiting Operations

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Elicium 2

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Heinz Sitter
Managing Director IT & Telecommunications


KELAG is developing a solution (with OMNETRIC group) that delivers new insights for planning, maintenance, outage, and operations – particularly critical for the topology and diverse weather conditions of this utility.  Insights are delivered based on multidimensional data enrichment using diverse data inputs such as asset data, maintenance details, weather feeds, GIS data and network topology, SCADA, and customer details, etc. The application enhances operational decision making related to asset performance, outage risk and the efficiency of maintenance plans as well as future grid investments. The next step for KELAG is to assess and employ the benefits of a IIoT approach that brings cloud power and connectivity, as well as the possibility of Artificial Intelligence to this approach.

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