On the Verge of a New Era: Why the Energy Market is Ready for Digital Change

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 15:50 to 16:10
Hub sessions - Smart Metering - The Customer Behind the Meter

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Theatre Smart Metering


In this fast-paced world, consumers want to connect anytime, anywhere and on any device. With deregulation accelerating in many parts of the world and customer expectations, once-complacent incumbents and vendors are being forced to face the new reality – their world is changing. So if they want to stay relevant, attract new customers, or even maintain their current customer base, their back office systems must change as well.

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Yael Shatzky
Head of Product & Solution Marketing


The three focus points of this presentation will be:

  1. Market situation as is
  2. New Market demands
  3. And how to get there…
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