The Electric Vehicle, A Game Changer for the Energy Industry

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 11:40 to 11:50
Summit sessions - Sustainable & Smart City - Sustainable Urban Mobility & Market Models

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With the electrical vehicle, the car maker is exploring new territories. Beyond the mobility, the EV will provide services to the grid. The grid operator will be able to use the EV battery as an additional affordable tool and the Driver will benefit from this service through TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) reduction. The challenge for both sectors is to trust each other to create a win-win operation.  Some roadblocks need to be addressed such as local regulation, cost of new components, revenue stream organisation, but the willingness of Renault and its partners is to succeed in the near future.

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Nicolas Schottey
Programme Director EV Battery & Charging Infrastructure


  • Carmakers and Utilities will have to work together
  • Battery 2nd life, a solution for an affordable electricity storage
  • Vehicle to grid, the game changer in the next future
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