From Smart Metering to LV Fully Digital Networks

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 10:40 to 11:00
Hub sessions - Smart Metering - The Impact of Smart Meters in Europe

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Theatre Smart Metering


The end of the roll-out process is the beginning of the great challenge: how to get the best value from all the investment done and how to plan the following steps in the grid digitalization. Once the Smart Meter Roll-Out has been mostly completed, and the CORE of the Smart Grid has been built-up, we keep on digitalizing the LV network. Through this digitalization we can provide better grid knowledge and management, optimize the use of the assets (phase balance, feeder mapping..), improve grid reliability (integrating information into the ADMS) and give better service and information to our customers

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Francisco Ortiz de Obregón
Disrupting Innovation Group member


1.The Challenge of completing a 10M SM Roll-Out

2.The Most valuable information obtained from Smart Metering for the Customer

3. The Most valuable information obtained from Smart Metering and LV monitoring for the company

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