Beyond Pilot Tests: the Next Step in ESS Aggregation

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 15:20 to 15:40
Hub sessions - Energy Storage - New Rules for Storage

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Theatre Storage


Until now, no one seems to have been able to scale a business model for the aggregation of distributed energy sources that can benefit both prosumers and the electricity system. Elemize Technologies, a young Italian startup, is trying to do so, with a system that connects prosumers with electricity markets. The presentation will give the point of view of a startup operating in this sector, while also showing how energy market rules significantly affect the scalability of ESS aggregation.

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  1. ESS and prosumers’ aggregation is still seen as an “experiment”;
  1. By introducing new technologies, both prosumers and market operators can benefit from the smart management of distributed energy resources, despite each country specific regulation;
  1. Elemize Technologies has developed a platform that allows prosumers with an ESS to double the profits of their investment, while allowing market operators (depending on country rules) to leverage these resources for ancillary services.
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