Results from Terna’s Experimentation on Grid-Scale Battery Storage Projects

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 10:00 to 10:20
Hub sessions - Energy Storage - Energy Storage Applications and New Technologies

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Theatre Storage


In this presentation, Terna will showcase the results of the first two years of experimentation on its storage pilot plants connected to the NTG. In particular, the presentation will analyze and evaluate the performance of the different battery technologies and their capacity in providing ancillary services by showing some operating cases-of-study. The results of the experiment conducted by Terna will make it possible to identify the potential and margins for improvement in battery storage technologies, encouraging the development of innovative systems and solutions and optimising the use of each technology for existing ancillary services, maximizing the operational benefits.

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Rosario Polito
Head of Innovation&Storage Department


  1. Presentation of Terna’s Energy Storage Plants
  1. Analysis of different storage technologies performance in operation, at grid-scale level, and in laboratory, at module-scale level
  1. Assessment of energy storage technologies providing grid services to the TSO
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