Stationery Energy Storage System Using Second Life EV Batteries

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 11:30 to 11:50
Hub sessions - Energy Storage - Energy Storage Applications and New Technologies

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Electric Vehicle (EV) battery systems are no longer suitable for vehicle application after the amount of energy that is able to be stored has degraded to approximately 80% SOC or the capable of only storing 80% of the energy of a new battery. This used battery can have significant number of charge/discharge cycles remaining, prior to the battery requiring fundamental recycling. A multi-partner project sponsored by the Clean Energy Fund of Canada (CEF) investigated methodology for extending the useful life, and thereby providing a 2nd life to used EV battery systems into a stationery energy storage system that could be implemented for grid stability and reliability. This project successfully demonstrated a 2nd life energy storage.

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Yousef Pipelzadeh
Business Development Manager U.K


1. Operation of an Energy Storage System using Second-life EV batteries

2. Grid Stability and Reliability for connecting Renewable Energy Systems

3. Full working demonstration of the Stationary Energy Storage System

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