Utility of The Future

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 11:00 to 11:20
Summit sessions - Digitalisation - Making Digital Transformation in Utilities a Reality

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Elicium 2


To continue to meet customers’ needs, utilities must adapt to dramatic changes in the energy sector. These changes are driven by a variety of forces: Decarbonization, Technology & Market Development and Regulatory Environment. Mostly, however, and most importantly for us, the energy sector is being changed by our customers, and their changing needs and expectations. Beyond the underlying requirement to efficiently deliver safe and reliable energy, utilities must serve as trusted partners as our customers’ (large and small, in all sectors)  seek visibility and control of their energy bills, new products and services, and an overall ‘frictionless’ interaction with their utility.

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Carlos Nouel
Vice President, New Energy Solutions


  • Smarter Grid
  • System Optimizations that enhance  the customer experience
  • Evolving the Utility Business Model
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