Providing an Open, Standardized, Interoperable and Royalty-Free Smart Metering/Grid Foundation

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 12:40 to 13:00
Hub sessions - Smart Metering - The Impact of Smart Meters in Europe

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Theatre Smart Metering


Many DSO have executed Smart Metering and Smart Grid Pilot Projects as part of their digital grid transformation vision. But to take a step forward into the roll-out implies critical choices. The Choice of the Smart Meters being interoperable, open and royalty free technology has an important influence in the scope, schedule and cost/benefit of the project. PRIME is the supporting technology in Smart Metering & Smart Grid Roll-Out which is currently reaching the 15 Million Smart Meters Mark.

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Angel Hernandez
Chairman of the PRIME Promotion Working Group


  1. Going for Open & Royalty-Free standards
  2.  End to end Wireless and PRIME PLC Solutions for urban, suburban and rural areas solutions
  3. When the customer matters
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