Panel Discussion: The Choice of the “Consumer”

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 11:50 to 12:30
Summit sessions - Official Opening Keynote - Official Opening Keynote

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Benjamin Sovacool
Professor of Energy Policy, University of Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom; Professor of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University, Herning, Denmark
Peter Terium
Chief Executive Officer
Ingrid Thijssen
Chief Executive Officer
Christian Buchel
Deputy CEO, ENEDIS and Chairman of EDSO


Adnan Z. Amin


  • Re-defining the “Consumer”
  • Empowering people by understanding their energy choices
  • Participative role of the consumer and transaction platforms
  • Shifting of ownership in the value chain

Globally, the energy industry is currently experiencing a wide-ranging transformation. Take Germany as an example: within just a couple of years, volatile renewable energy became the new normal, power grids needed to be extended, wholesale prices for power fell by more than half and ever more customers are becoming partners as so-called ‘prosumers’ with their own power generation. This is quite a disruption for a well-established industry! And the change continues. When you observe that an entire industry is being disrupted, “wait and see” is not an option. We have identified three megatrends which are resetting the metrics for the energy system: decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation. In this dynamic environment, energy companies can only succeed if they reinvent themselves completely.” Peter Terium

“The global electricity system stands at a critical juncture in the midst of transition. Whether consumers become empowered to expedite this transition, or resist it, remains an open-ended question. I am excited to take part in the opening keynote of EUW17 to help explore industry perspectives on both transitions and the topic of consumers and prosumers.” Benjamin K. Sovacool

"By becoming digital operators, European DSO’s are taking on the energy transition challenge, by actively shaping the smart grids of the future and empowering the consumer" Christian Buchel


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