Panel: Building for People

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 16:40 to 17:30
Hub sessions - Intelligent Buildings Europe - Building an Ecosystem for the Future

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Theatre IBE


The transition to high performing buildings will not be driven by energy savings alone, but it be approached through a people-centric perspective. People do not “buy” energy efficiency, rather they “buy” comfort, convenience and other emotionally appealing benefits. There are strong synergies between EE performance and Health & Wellbeing aspects of buildings, let's look into this

There is a live question for this session in the EUW 2017 app! You can start voting during the panel. Question: If you could improve one thing in your office what would it be?

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Alexandra Boot
Director - Boot Advocaten & CFO
Adrian Joyce
Campaign Director for Renovate Europe
Phil Williams
President, Commercial Division



The way we work, live and spend our leisure time is changing – we need to look at buildings from a people-centric perspective. The built environment community is beginning to prioritize people's health and wellbeing when it comes to the building design, operation, and upgrades. However, more needs to be done to make our buildings healthy, comfortable, and productive for people.There is a need for a multidisciplinary approach that brings together public health community, building solution providers, insurers, building owners, managers, users and other stakeholders. This panel will explore the concept of a people-centric building and address the market drivers for healthy indoor environment. The discussion will be focused on practical issues:

  • A common definition for a people-centric building and the link with energy efficiency
  • A broad group of stakeholders from the built sector, health community, insurance, technology sectors and how can they work together
  • Business case for healthy buildings and private sector leadership
  • Policy dimension and the public sector
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