Panel 1: Business Models

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 14:15 to 15:00
Summit sessions - Sustainable & Smart City - Roadmap for the Utilities within Smart Cities

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There is a live question for this session in the EUW 2017 app! You can start voting during the session. Question: What are the most important trends and developments influencing the evolution of smart cities?

Thi shigh level panel will discuss:

  • What are the predominant scenario’s in the development of future utility related business models in the smart city realm?
  • What is the preferred and most adequate leadership model for utilities in order to anticipate future developments?

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Antonio Messias
Head of Inovgrid European Agenda Office and Board of Directors Adviser
Adam Woolway
Managing Director
Martin Runge
Chief Digital Officer


Joep Weerts
Director Clients & Markets


Leadership & Business Guidelines. Leadership, Strategy development and implementation road maps: the growing adoption and awareness of the smart city concept by an expanding set of government leaders, creating national smart city policies to prioritize funding and document technical and business guidelines. Policy at the national level must encourage the deployment of clean energy technologies, and include greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

"Today’s most relevant discussions, sharing the vision of new narratives and new horizons at EUW" Antonio Messias

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