Case 3: Preventing Afternoon High Energy Demand by Increasing the Use of Light Electric Vehicles

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 14:40 to 15:00
Hub sessions - Special Focus - Host Country in Focus: The Netherlands

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Theatre Smart Gas

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Charging profiles for electric vehicles are expected to coincide with current electricity peaks. This poses grid stability and congestion problems. The usage of Light Electric Vehicles is expected to significantly mitigate these problem since the charging load is negligible compared to the traditional large vehicles. Therefore it will be feasible for grid operators to invest in LEV technology. The Clean Mobility Center is a consortium of eight companies and aims to catalyze in increasing the share of Light Electric Vehicles.  

The Clean Mobility Center is a collaboration between business, educational institutions and government which focusses on innovative solutions for all durable forms of transportation. The Clean Mobility Center wants to be the leading center in Europe, where knowledge and skills around sustainable mobility are efficiently shared and developed. The combination of participating parties, working together to innovate, makes this center unique. For more information, see

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